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The Sisterhood Guitars

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The Sisterhood Guitars

When starting out on the guitar for Pat Metheny, Daniel decided to make another guitar alongside Pat's guitar, and she was called 'sister' as a working title. This is how the Sisterhood series came to life, as the guitar made for Pat Metheny is such a great design that it was reasonable to believe that probably more guitarists could be interested in a guitar with similar features. 
The Sister guitars are individually numbered, the guitar made for Pat Metheny being, as it turned out to be, the (single) parent of all Sister instruments. Therefore the guitar made alongside Pat's guitar is named Sister 1, the next one Sister 2, and so on.

A new model is added to the series, named 'Look at little Sister'. This is an instrument with basically the same appointments but in a smaller package, having a 15 1/2 inch cutaway body.

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Podcast Sister 1, # 33214
Podcast Sister 2, # 33314
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