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Robert Milburn, Gr.Britain

Slaman Players

Robert Milburn plays an 18 inch non-cutaway guitar.

Dear Mr. Slaman,

"I am pleased to confirm that the guitar arrived safely on Wednesday 28th July at 12 noon ! I am very pleased indeed with the guitar, it has the volume and 'snap' that I was hoping for and is as you have said easy to play - in fact a joy to play".

"I used the guitar at a "trad" band gig a few days ago through my Polytone Mini- Brute and I must say it was the best sound I've ever had from all of the guitars I have owned - beautifully balanced and without (as you said it would be) the usual prominence of the 2nd string. A number of people including members of the band commented on how good it sounded !"
"To thank you for the conclusion of a very
succesful venture, I would be more than happy to speak to potential customers if they would wish to contact me."

Kind regards Robert Milburn

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