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Marc Barreca, USA

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Marc Barreca, USA

Marc Barreca plays a Charlie Christian Commemorative DS-150 guitar, # 33815. This is a 16 1/4 inch guitar with carved X-braced European spruce top. Flamed maple solid sides and solid back that is arched with three braces. Genuine vintage tailpiece and genuine vintage bakelite knobs, black and brown with arrows. Vintage Kluson tuners that still do a great job holding the guitar in tune. This is a very vibrant, willing instrument that will go where you want her to go. Very responsive and with that typical, warm yet clear CC pickup sound. Compensated pickup of course. Soft V neck.

Hi Daniel, 

I really think I made the right decision with the CC model. I am feeling really inspired and lines are coming out of my head really fluidly. I've jammed with it twice and it mixes nicely. I am able to chunk chords easily without changing the volume from when I solo.  It is my go to guitar. I am trying to find reasons not to order a 250 style one as well. They are so beautiful.

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