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Lynn Phelps, USA

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Lynn Phelps, USA

Lynn Phelps plays the DS-150 Special Black # 30213 (aka "Miss Betty goes to town"). This guitar is inspired by the music and instrument of Ronnie Singer (June 9, 1928 – December 1953). Ronnie Singer was an American jazz guitarist in Chicago and New York City during the late 1940s and early 1950s. His talent has been compared to Jimmy Raney and his style noted as influential on other jazz musicians. The guitar that Ronnie played was the inspiration for the DS-150 Special Black model shown here.


The CC pickup is fabulous and the antique look fits in with the rest of my guitars, most being vintage. When I first opened the case, my guitar tech said "cool guitar". He really liked the vintage (bashed up) look, especially the knobs!
Two days ago, I had the opportunity to really take the guitar though some paces. I was at it for a good two plus hours, totally lost track of time, thus your answer. It is a wonderful guitar! Great tonality and sustain and as Pat Metheny put it about his guitar, has the sound of one guitar going up and down the fret board. I normally go back and forth between standard E tuning and drop D tuning. (Sixth string E to D, the rest the same as E tuning.)

One of the songs I play is "Black is the color of my True Love's Hair" in dropped D from an early Johnny Smith recording where he starts a melody line using only the B string, the sweet string. Talk about tone and sustain. The Special Black just about levitates out of my grasp...almost an endless and wonderful tone sustain!


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