Ess & Ess to Leather nr. 3 - New Vintage Guitars

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Ess & Ess to Leather nr. 3

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Refurbished Ess & Ess case for Sister and DS-150 guitar

Here's an Ess & Ess case from the fifties in pretty bad cosmetic shape............ but structurally a fine case made by the Ess & Ess company from Brooklyn. Purple Silk Plush interior. The Ess & Ess company logo is in place, all latches and hinges work fine, the case is structurally in excellent shape.
The old black tolex covering is removed as well as all the hardware and new real leather with snake embossed pattern is applied. Embossed leather is cowhide that has been “stamped” with a decorative or exotic pattern.  
The leather is full-grain aniline cowhide finished with oils, natural waxes and resins. Surface with shiny appearance and ancient effect in color: Cognac. New premium quality real leather brown handle. All original hardware is re-used. After restoration a fully functional case with a luxury feel and charismatic looks.

Fits a Sister guitar or 150 model perfectly.

Price:  Euro 1450,- 

Important notice:
The leather for Slaman cases comes from selected companies. No animals are harmed only to obtain the leather. The cow leather used is of European (Tuscan) origin and a by-product of the meat industry. The leathers are being produced ecologically safe, according to laws and regulations, without AZO synthetic colors. European cowhide is a very clean product with little or no defects. Considered to be the best raw material available.

Sometimes embossed lambskin, also called sheepskin, is used.  Again this is by-product of the meat industry, no animals are harmed for their skins so it is eco-friendly by reducing waste. 

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