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Eric Dolby, Canada

Slaman Players
Eric Dolby, Canada 34115

Eric Dolby plays Ebony Sister 4, # 34115. She is a 16 1/4 inch two-tone color guitar, cutaway,  ebony and black mother of pearl picture frame inlays handcut by Daniel in 10 inch radius rosewood fingerboard, Spanish Cedar neck with soft-V profile and 22 frets, 24 3/4 inch scale length, Charlie Christian Adjustable pickup, carved European spruce top, Honduaras mahogany back with braces, unique handmade nickel plated tailpiece, Grover/Slaman 'Statement' tuners and 'Betty' style antiqued finish.
The top is finished in black and the back and sides are natural mahogany.
Tuners are Slaman 'Statement' tuners; Grover machines with handmade buttons. 

Hi Daniel,

I just want to tell you how much I love your guitar!!!
First of all, this guitar is a joy to play!!! The neck is so confortable! The intonation is perfect every where on the neck. I never played a guitar like this one. Every chords are just perfect!!!

And that mojo! I know that the Ebony Sister is a brand new guitar...but every time I play it, I have the feeling that I'm playing a 70 years old guitar!!! And that brown/black combination is even more beautiful than on your website!!!

Thank you so much Daniel! Your a genius!!!


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