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Charlie Christian Pickups

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The development of the Charlie Christian Compensated (CCc) and Charlie Christian Adjustable (CCa) pickup.

The Charlie Christian pickup is famous for it's deep, yet bright horn-like guitar sound........... but the balance between the unwound B-string and wound G-string would spoil the fun for some players.
Daniel Slaman Guitars, together with Slaman Player Dirk van der Meij, has come up with a solution. Standard pickups are compensated on the blade (fixed) or equipped with adjustable pole pieces.  On the Charlie Christian Compensated (CCc) pickup, the height of the blade is adjusted to balance the output between the strings. To take this even one step further, the Charlie Christian Adjustable (CCa) pickup was developed that allows adjusting individual pole pieces while retaining the Charlie Christian pickup sound! The ultimate best of both worlds.
(the CCa pickup is available on some models only, on request, adding Euro 250,- to the price of the guitar; pickups are not sold separately)

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