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Andreas Nolte, Germany

Slaman Players

Andreas Nolte owns 2 New Vintage guitars; a custom made Black Betty and a 250 style non-cutaway guitar, both with Charlie Christian pickups.

Andreas is the guitar player in the band Shreveport Rhythm.

Hi Daniel,

Betty has arrived safely ! Out of the bag she was amazing. After another 10-15 Minutes of playing she was getting louder and the sounds getting rounder and deeper. Unbelieveable. I´ve done 3 Gigs with her and my bandmates are also delighted with the look and the particular musical sound of Betty.

Compared to my Gibson 1939 ES-150 the sounds Betty offers are so much fuller, bigger. Tuning stabilty and available overall Volume is just AWESOME !! You´ve  really built an incredible guitar for me, Daniel. I would prefer to call her Black Beauty, because of the quality tones and her beautyful looks :-)  

With the potential that you´ve given her because of your mastery of craftsmanship, Betty will continue to grow daily.
And I will be there to explore... ;-)

Thank you so much, Daniel !

Met vriendelijke groeten en dank





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