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# 33815

Commemorative Charlie Christian
DS-150 Commemorative Charlie Christian 
# 33815 SOLD

Most of the Commemorative serie guitars are 250 style inspired but a collection would not be complete without an 150 style inspired guitar. 16 1/4 inch guitar with carved X-braced European spruce top. Flamed maple solid sides and solid back that is arched with three braces. Genuine vintage tailpiece and genuine vintage bakelite knobs, black and brown with arrows. Vintage Kluson tuners that still do a great job holding the guitar in tune. This is a very vibrant, willing instrument that will go where you want her to go. Very responsive and with that typical, warm yet clear CC pickup sound. Compensated pickup of course. Soft V neck.

DS-150 Charlie Christian Commemorative 
# 33815

- 16 1/4 inch size, non-cutaway, 24 3/4 inch scale length
- Carved European spruce top, X-bracing
- Charlie Christian Compensated pickup
- Solid maple sides
- Solid maple back with braces
- Spanish cedar neck
- Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays in gold mother of pearl
- Original vintage 150 style tailpiece
- Vintage Kluson tuners with ivoroid knobs
- Genuine vintage 150 style knobs, bakelite, brown and black, arrows
- Genuine vintage Kluson open back tuners, ivoroid knobs
- Slaman pre-war style Script logo handcut in mother of pearl
- Commemorative Charlie Christian truss rod cover
- Vintage sunburst antiqued finish in nitro cellulose

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